Useful links

Chiropractic Websites:

GCC: The General Chiropractic Council – the chiropractic regulation body developed by parliament

United Chiropractic Association

Anglo-European College of Chiropractic – the largest chiropractic college in Europe, enjoys a global reputation as a leader in neuromusculoskeletal healthcare

A list of UK based NSA practitioners as well as further information on NSA

Babies, Children and Pregnancy  a fantastic web site, full of tips to help ensure pregnancy and birth go as smoothly as possible by ensuring babies are in the right position for birth.

Well Adjusted Babies – ‘resources, products and inspiration to help you and your family discover ‘real health’ and a holistic approach to life.’

Claverdon Hypnobirthing – HypnoBirthing in Warwickshire

Home Birth Reference Site

Other useful websites:

Hypnotherapy for women