Jo Wise


After winning Commonwealth Long jump Gold and competing in two Olympics, Jo decided to study to become a chiropractor following the enormous benefits she saw during her sporting career. She’s since gone on to develop her passion for nutrition and lifestyle medicine through training in Functional Medicine at the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US.

Jo studied chiropractic at the AECC (Anglo European College of Chiropractic), an internationally renowned centre for chiropractic training, qualifying with a Distinction. She had previously gained a BSc degree in Sports Science, during which she concentrated in her final year on physiology and nutrition.

Jo ‘s passion for chiropractic developed through receiving weekly chiropractic care whilst training and living in Canada, when she discovered she was able to remain injury free for once. Having had a long period of time where she had been reliant on pain killers in order to train and compete, chiropractic care became extremely important to her.  Jo likens it to having a high performance cars wheels balanced.  “My chiropractor was the only one who concentrated on aligning me as a whole, as well as testing my function neurologically. In addition i had a few chronic injuries which the conventional path could not sort out for me.”

Jo is passionate about working with the client in a holistic fashion. She’s trained in a variety of chiropractic techniques as well as having completed the intensive AFMCP training offered by the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US. She is able to offer nutrition, exercise, soft tissue techniques, rehab and lifestyle recommendations, in order to offer care for those of all ages. Jo particularly enjoys using Sacral-Occipital Technique (SOT) and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), both gentle techniques, and is one of only two practitioners in the Midlands to be able to offer the Network Spinal Analysis technique.

Jo has two children herself and has undergone further training to be able to provide care during pregnancy and for babies and is also an NHS breast-feeding mentor.  Jo obviously understands the rigors of training and performing at an elite level and the treatment and rehab involved for many sports injuries and is a trained Elite athlete performance lifestyle counsellor.