Wellness Care

In today’s day and age we are all too often used to the idea of taking a quick pill instead of taking responsibility for our own health.

The chiropractic wellness lifestyle is one of looking after your body, your structural frame, eating good healthy food, doing the right exercises, having a good mindset and being educated so you can take charge of your own health – after all, we only get one body!

Many patients decide to attend our free health talks to learn how to do just this, as well as maintaining (and hopefully enhancing!) their body’s structural health by coming in for chiropractic care that is aimed at improving function and structure, rather than just getting them out of pain- but this is all up to you!

We try to help the body naturally where-ever possible, rather than mask the symptoms. At the same time we respect that sometimes medical help is necessary and will do our best to work with your GP. If x-rays or MRI scans are considered necessary, we can either refer you back to your GP or make an appointment privately through a local screening centre.