Whilst clients write about many conditions and complaints that have resolved whilst under care it is important to stress that these are purely personal experiences; we do not treat conditions. Chiropractic care focuses on the relationship of structure (primarily the spine and pelvis) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system), and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of your health.

I went to visit Jo after 15 years of neck and back problems after she was recommended to me. Having had years of pain, GP’s, specialists, physiotherapy and scans I figured it was worth a try but didn’t hold out high expectations as a chiropractor had never been suggested to me by the array of medical professionals I had seen.

From the beginning Jo was friendly, made me feel comfortable and was always professional and well informed. After an initial assessment it was agreed we would try a program of treatment and as such I expected it would take time to see results, if any. So it was with great surprise and delight that after the first session of treatment I felt instant results that got better and more sustained with time.

I cannot sing the praises of Jo and her work high enough, her treatment of my neck has made significant and long term results which I hadn’t thought was even possible. Thank you Jo!

Tara, Mappleborough Green

I came to Natural Balance Chiropractic with a very tricky back pain. As a regular gardener, I expected it. The assessment was very thorough. I felt comfortable the whole time and treatment began quickly. I benefited instantly and cannot speak too highly of Jo’s abilities and compassion to treat back pain and associated ailments.

Ms EF, Warwick

When I started suffering from severe daily headaches, I was back and forwards to my GP who prescribed several very strong painkillers – none of which got rid of the headaches. After 3 months of daily debilitating headaches, time off work and a CT scan, a friend recommended I contact Jo for chiropractic treatment. This hadn’t crossed my mind; I’d always assumed chiropractors only treated bad backs!

After an initial detailed consultation with Jo where she examined me and explained what she found I began a course of treatment over about 5 weeks. Each session was very calm, pain-free – and Jo always explained what she was doing and why. After just one week, my headaches started to lessen. I could feel myself relaxing, and the discomfort I felt in my neck and shoulders easing.  Jo had also educated me about the importance of good posture: I was more aware of good sitting positions, especially when working at a desk – and of carrying bags – all of which had contributed to my misalignment and gradual pain.

By the end of 5 weeks, I was completely pain-free – without needing to take any medication. And, my headaches have thankfully not recurred. I wouldn’t hesitate to seek Jo’s help in the future, or to recommend her expertise to others suffering pain and discomfort. Chiropractic treatment is not just for bad backs!!

Jayne, Warwick

I had been suffering from unexplainable chest pains for about three months, and despite numerous investigations and an MRI scan, the Doctors were unable to come up with a diagnosis. This was subsequently causing increased anxiety and worry, especially as it was on the left side of my chest.

After a few sessions with Jo, the chest discomfort began to improve, and she also assessed my overall posture, and subsequently gave me some treatment to rectify the problems she had found. After about 3 months, my chest problems had completely cleared up, and I found I was able to move and twist a lot more freely, with my shoulders and back a lot more flexible. My employment includes a lot of bending and stretching, and I found I was a lot more mobile than when I first began my treatment. Jo took great care in ensuring I understood exactly what she was doing each week, and offered comprehensive explanations on why she would work on certain areas.

Hazel, Warwick

Thank you Natural Balance Chiropractic
I would just like to say that the treatment I received improved my lower back mobility significantly within a measured period of time following initial consultation and carefully planned treatments. I was thrilled with the results allowing my return to work date to be more premature than expected. I found the dynamic methods employed allowed me to go on to discover improved health and well being following ‘at home’ exercises advised upon me which supported my rehabilitation period….  I can also confidently say that colleagues and friends of whom we have introduced this practice to have concurred with similar positivity and results. Thank you Natural Balance Chiropractic and I look forward to seeing you soon for my next balance ‘MOT’ and general check up.

Paul R, Director, Warwickshire

NSA Chiropractic testimonials:

I have received Basic Care Network Spinal Analysis for a few weeks. This is a very calming and deeply satisfying experience. The impact has been immediate and profound. I feel physically and emotionally very well and as a result have been able to make positive changes to many facets of my life in an even and rhythmic way.

Elizabeth, Henley-in-Arden

It was last August when I came to see you following a recommendation by a friend who had similar problems. I had injured my back from either a chair collapsing or gardening. Whatever the cause I was in acute pain and could not walk, stand or sit without considerable pain. All I was able to do was to lie on my back on the floor. I had visited my doctor who just prescribed pain killers and a physiotherapist who was unable to relieve the pain, which scored 8/10 on your pain scale. After 6 sessions using your network spinal analysis techniques the pain was considerably improved and now scored 0/10 and my flexibility was much improved. You treated me in a very professional manner, with great sensitivity and respect. I have full confidence in your abilities and skills and would recommend you whole heartedly to anyone with similar pain. 6 months later my back is still very good and I have had no recurrence of the pain

Mr A.L, Leamington Spa

I came to Natural Balance Chiropractic after a very difficult period in my life. Due to the care I received from Jo, my spine feels more flexible, my breathing has improved and I feel a lot more positive about life in general. I don’t know for sure if this was due to NSA, but unexpectedly my sense of smell, which I lost 4 years ago, has also returned. An ENT specialist told me 3 years ago that it would be very unlikely to ever return.

Mrs D, Solihull

I’ve been under regular chiropractic care for over 30 years and have had the recent opportunity to undergo network chiropractic care which I found to be extraordinary. The main benefits that I have experienced have to do with my emotions, feeling of been energised, clear thinking and much better able to handle everyday stresses. I had also been suffering from chronic reoccurring shoulder pain which has completely healed.   Jo is very skilful and effective and instantly makes you feel like you’re in the right place. I cannot recommend this type of approach enough.

Mr N, Warwick

I was born with hip dysplasia on both sides…by my late 30s I had severe hip arthritis. I travelled the UK in search of help so that I could avoid surgery but to no avail. …so age 40 I had the right hip replaced, with a plan to have the other done 12-18 months later.

After some intensive NSA care the left hip was massively improved. Coincidentally I saw the surgeon about 2 months in. The x-ray that day showed a REDUCTION in the arthritic change in the left hip. I can not explain this change but I feel that the hip felt significantly different after NSA. It is now 3 years and I have not had the 2nd surgery. The hip is far from perfect (so far!!) but it is much better. Unfortunately as it is a 90 minute drive I can’t get care as often as I would like, but it helps so much.

I think Jo is very gifted. I have had a little NSA care elsewhere, but for me I get the biggest change and shift working with Jo. Thanks!

Anna, Little Haywood, Staffordshire