Nutrition and Functional Medicine

For further information on Functional Nutritional please visit Jo’s dedicated web site, Wise Nutrition. Jo is a Chiropractor with a specialised interest in Functional Medicine and nutrition. She has been in private practice as a chiropractor since 2009. Competing in the Barcelona and Sydney Olympics as a long jumper, she developed an avid interest in nutrition and the effect it could have on performance, which led to a decision to major in nutrition in her undergraduate Sports Science degree as well as complete her dissertation in nutrition for her Chiropractic Masters degree. She’s since gone on to study nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Jo’s masters research background enables her to utilise the latest scientific and medical literature to inform and support her clinical practice. In 2019 she completed the intensive AFMCP training, delivered by the Institute for Functional Medicine in the US. She has since gone on to attend and complete further advanced IFM modules.

Although Jo still practises as a Chiropractor, which she loves, having many chiropractic clients with chronic health conditions and medically unexplained symptoms has led her into often applying the Functional Medicine approach and now offering this as a standalone service.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine aims to determine how and why illness occurs and restore health by identifying the root causes of disease for each individual through good detective work and often functional testing; these root causes are then addressed through nutrition, lifestyle and sometimes nutritional supplements.  Functional testing involves either saliva, urine or stool tests to look at, for example, the balance of healthy/unhealthy bacteria in the bowel or signs that nutrient support may be indicated. Occasionally blood tests are involved. Jo will endeavour to work with your GP wherever possible as some testing can be done through the NHS if it is offered. The aim is always to get to the root cause of symptoms.

Is it medicine?

Jo is not a Doctor of Medicine or a GP. Functional Medicine focuses on making change through diet and lifestyle, whereas conventional Western medicine tends to focus on treatment of symptoms through medications and surgery. Although some medical doctors and GPs practice functional medicine, many practitioners using the functional medicine approach are other statutorily registered healthcare practitioners (e.g. chiropractors and osteopaths) who, although trained at graduate level in core anatomy, physiology and diagnosis, focus on natural methods of therapy.

Because most chiropractic and osteopathic degree courses include many hours studying clinical nutrition, this ties in wonderfully with the functional medicine approach which is underpinned by nutrition and lifestyle. Practitioners are also used to liasing with other healthcare practitioners and identifying if they need to be referred on. In the UK, although not statutorily registered, nutritional therapists are also allowed to study for IFM certification, due to their knowledge of nutrition. Without a good knowledge of nutrition it is hard to be a good functional medicine practitioner.

In the US, the birthplace of functional medicine, chiropractors (DCs) are the 2nd most common type of healthcare professional (behind MD/DOs) practising functional medicine, with many of the more famous ones, such as Dr Tom O’Bryan, being chiropractors, but there are few in the UK. Jo is working towards a Diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN), which certifies chiropractic physicians in the area of Clinical Nutrition, through her IFM training.


Please contact Jo for a free 15 min chat to answer any questions. Fees always include the time taken before and after your session to research aspects of your case and write up plans. Any time taken to interpret functional testing results will be included in this.

Qualifications and professional memberships

Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine
GCC Registered Chiropractor 2009 – present
APM GI IFM November 2019
AFMCP IFM Practitioner – December 2019

MChiro with Distinction – Anglo European College of Chiropractic, (dissertation:the effect of antioxidants on subfertility) 2009

Graduate Certificate in Elite Performers Lifestyle Counselling, Victoria Institute of Technology, 2005

MSc Sports Science IT – (dissertation: the use of gait analysis for children with cerebral palsy) Loughborough University, 1995
BSc (Hons) – PE and sports science, majoring in nutrition and physiology – Loughborough University, 1993