Babies and Children

Babies and children suffer biomechanical problems as well! Jo Wise and Nick Sheeran are trained in gentle techniques to help children and babies.

You might want to read a little on a recent study: Long-term effects of infant colic: a survey comparison of chiropractic treatment and nontreatment groups.

A study carried out by the AECC (at the teaching clinic where Jo trained) on 228 children, concluded that toddlers who were treated with chiropractic care for colic as babies were twice as likely to not experience long-term sequelae of infant colic, such as temper tantrums and frequent night waking than those who were not treated with chiropractic care as colicky infants.

In this study, parents of infants treated with chiropractic care for excessive crying did not report as many difficult behavioral and sleep patterns of their toddlers.